Looking for a Cab in Cambridge MA?

Cambridge Cab Company is your Taxi Connection. We pick up in every city throughout Greater Boston, including Cambridge, as well as shuttle service to and from Logan Airport. Our fleet of taxis has been servicing Cambridge and surrounding areas for the past decade. We know what it takes to make our customers feel safe and at ease, and make it a point to deliver that experience time and time again. We are a trusted, registered taxi service with a proven track record of reliable, dependable and friendly service.

Ready anywhere, anytime

Cambridge Cab Company blends State-of-the-Art technology and good old fashioned service to provide an unparalleled customer experience. By utilizing the latest in web and phone based technologies we are able to quickly and efficiently meet your shuttle and cab service needs throughout Cambridge and Greater Boston. Here on our website you can even reserve a cab online, estimate a shuttle or cab fare, and even track your trip online! Whether you are coming in for business or pleasure, need to get around town, or just need a taxi to Logan Airport, let Cambridge Cab Company get you where you need to go.


Airport Transportation

Whether leaving immediately, planning ahead for a departure or arrival, the scope of service, call us today to, or book a Taxi for service to or from the airport. At this time you can inform us on the number of passengers that need to be accommodated, and also ensure that the driver is prepared for allotting space to any and all personal baggage.

Medical Visits

We offer Non-Emergency Medical Visits in and out of Cambridge. You’ll never feel stranded. Arrive to your destination in comfort .It’s our goal to provide professional local transportation service to you in a timely matter and in a clean vehicle.

Grocery Shopping

In addition to giving you exceptional service to your destination, Cambridge Cab Company’s drivers can wait and assist by loading groceries on your return trip.

Social Visits

Our professionally trained drivers will get you there- safely, without any hassles or worries. An epic event never happens until you get there. What better way to get there than to have us pick you up.

Out On The Town

Whether you are here on business or pleasure, we like to welcome you to our famed city. Our courteous drivers are here to make your journey comfortable so that you may focus on the purpose of your visit and not have to worry about your mobility.

Shopping Malls

Let Cambridge Cab company be your passport to convince when traveling to the malls or shopping centers. A quick call will have you set up in minutes to get you on your way. So call now, and allow us to get you on your way, wherever the road may take you!